Rest of the World

Hi! I'm sorry I don't have a page dedicated to your country.

If there is a country listed that is close to you hopefully a lot of the links will take you to retailers who can ship to you. I am constantly researching and adding to the list and trying to cover as many countries as possible. I have concentrated on providing links for the more hard-to-find materials and tools and for the countries that are the most popular, to begin with.


For Domestika Course: Geometric handmade Molds: Design 3D Faceted Objects.

Mold making materials:

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For the more hard-to-find materials you need to make your mold you can buy them at my website. I offer more eco-friendly options than you can find online. Buy either the full kit or individual items. I ship worldwide from the UK.


The kit includes:

> Choose either x3 or x6 recyclable Polypropylene (PP) sheets (the same as I use in the course)

> 2 x biodegradable Foamboard sheets

> Scoring blade made from a handmade recycled material with a genuine OLFA blade.

You can also buy the PP sheets or scoring blade separately.


If you find links to any of the following materials please send them to me and I'll add them to the list.

1) I recommend you use Acrylic resin if you can find it, vs concrete. Its easier to cast. Acrylic resin brands include Jesmonite AC100, Aqua Resin, and Raysin 100 or 200. 

2) Polypropylene sheets: 0.4 - 0.8mm thick, in clear / natural, and at least 235mm x 330mm.

3) Scoring blade: Olfa PC-L or Olfa PC-S

The remaining materials should be easier to find in your local art store or hardware store.



For Domestika Course: Decorative Object Design with Eco-Resins.

1) Acrylic Resin: Acrylic resin brands include Jesmonite AC100, Aqua Resin, and Raysin 100 or 200.

2) Acrylic resin pigments are water based. If you cannot find them you can use acrylic/water-based paint instead.

3) Bio Resin: Bio resin brands include Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Bio Resin ( which I used in the course) and Art Resin.

NOTE: 'Bio resin' is epoxy resin with a plant based component , so it's more eco-friendly than Epoxy Resin. I accept you may not be able to source it in all countries so you can use clear-cast epoxy resin instead. YOU MUST use casting resin, NOT glazing or Doming resin as they will set too fast , get too hot and bubble in the mould. casting resin typically sest in 24-72 hours, so it doesn get too hot when it is poured in thickness more than a few mm.

4) Bio resin / Epoxy Resin Pigments and Mica powders.


Thanks for your help! It will benefit your fellow students : )