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What will you make continued...

First you'll mix and cast a tray from my 'Herringbone' range, in either a two-tone finish or single colour. Then we'll craft a planter from my award-winning 'Faceture' range, in either a solid colour or two-tone marble effect. You will have a small round coaster mould with you as you work on your two objects that you can fill with any leftover Jesmonite. Your objects will be set and ready to take home by the end of the workshop, and you will leave with a tray, planter and coaster. You will apply a pre-cut cork base to the bottom of your tray and planter, which you can personalise.

What you will do continued...

I'll begin with an introduction to my working practice, the space and an overview of what you will do. Everything you need for the workshop will be set up for you; silicone moulds, pigments, gloves, an apron, a mask, mixing buckets and mixing tools. We'll then cast our Herringbone tray together. I will demonstrate how to mix, tint and pour the first layer, and share my tips and tricks for ensuring an even mix and minimise bubbles. We'll then repeat the above for the second pour (if you have chosen to create a two-tone tray) We'll then set these aside while they cure. At this point, we will stop for a short break for refreshments. In the second part of the workshop, we'll cast our planters together using the same method . You can choose to create either a solid colour or a marbled effect, which I will demonstrate. As the planters are curing we'll de-mould our trays, sand the bottoms and attach our cork bases. We'll then repeat for the planter. You will leave the workshop with a Herringbone tray, Faceted planter and a coaster cast from your leftover material.

About Phil: I am an award-winning designer and maker from New Zealand, who has lived and worked in London since 2009. My 'Faceture' project was nominated for the Design Museum's 'Designs of the Year' and I've had my work exhibited in many galleries, stores and museums all over the world. I make objects and sculptures using many materials and methods but I've concentrated on Jesmonite casting for the past 10 years to create small homewares and large sculptures. I have run workshops for the past 5 years in many countries, hosting thousands of participants in my studio, architecture, fashion and design studios, and the Barbican. I have two workshops on the leading online platform Domestika, with a total of over 10,000 students,  and  a 100% positive rating.

How to get there :

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What 3 Words studio entrance: ///assure.moment.dozen

What 3 Words studio: ///spark.wisdom.escape

What will you make: I will demonstrate all stages of the process first and due to the small group size can help you with the process if necessary. The workshop is designed so we begin by mixing a small amount of Jesmonite so you can get used to the process. I like to make sure everyone leaves with a tray, planter and coaster, so if there are any accidents, failed castings, we will repeat the process to assure you are successful! See images of examples.

Refunds and Cancellations:

I price my workshops fairly and offer good value for money. We therefore have a clear non-refundable policy to ensure that I cover my costs and the ongoing viability of the workshop.

Refund: Refunds available if you cancel more than 14 days before the workshop.

Rebooking: If you cannot attend and let me know at least 48 hours before the workshop I'm happy to re book you into a future session.

No-shows: If you cancel within 48 hours of the workshop, or do not show, I cannot offer you a re-booking or refund, as it is typically too late to find a replacement.

Transfers: You can at any time transfer your booking to someone else. Please just try and let me know the name of the person 24 hours before the workshop.

Postponement by Phil: I have to have minimum of 4 participants to make running a workshop worthwhile. If I have not reached this number 48 hours before the session I will contact you to either re-book you into a future session or refund you in full. Similarly, If I cannot run the session due to unforseen circumstances I will offer you a full refund or re booking.



How is it different to my previous London 'Bud vase' workshop?

In my previous workshop participants assembled a Polypropylene mould and  cast a single bud vase from Jesmonite 'stone'. This material takes a few days to fully cure so you couldn't take your creation home with you on the day. In this new workshop we cast into custom-made silicone moulds, so no mould assembly is required and the forms are more intricate. Fast-setting Jesmonite AC100 means you can take your pieces home with you at the end. You will now create 2x objects plus a coaster. Previously there were 8-12 participants in each session, where these new sessions are limited to 6 people.

What is Jesmonite AC100? Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based eco-resin and is widely used to make decorative moulded objects. It is safe to use and contains no harmful chemicals. It consists of two parts; a powder and a liquid which when mixed together will then set within approximately 30 minutes. Liquid pigments can be added to create subtle to super-vivid colours.

I've never made anything before ! Will I be able to do it?

Yes! This workshop is aimed at all abilities and levels of experience! Every step of the way will be explained and demonstrated and due to the small group size I can help everyone achieve a great result.

Is it ceramics?

No, and it's a simpler process! Ceramic forms can be  cast in moulds, but after being de-moulding they require time consuming kiln-firing. Then, colour is typically applied to the outside of the casting as a glaze, which requires another kiln-firing. This process typically takes days to complete and requires access to a kiln and is unpredictable. Casting with Jesmonite AC100 allows you to mix, cast and finish an object within an hour, with no need for a kiln.

What is casting?

Casting is pouring a two-part material into a hollow mould that sets hard to create a solid object. Pigments can be added at the mixing stage to create almost infinite colour combinations and effects. We will be using silicone moulds designed and made by Phil so the shape of the objects you create is pre-determined but there is infinite opportunity for you to express yourself with colour options and casting effects.