SEGMENT shade, 2013, on sale now from

The SEGMENT shade is a slip-cast ceramic lightshade for NZ furniture and lighting brand resident -

The shade is cast in white china clay, sourced from Matauri bay, New Zealand.

Produced in batches of 100. Each batch is Unique.

Size - 180mm diameter x 190mm High

The SEGMENT shade process

The Segment shade is cast from a simple mould created from eleven individual wedge-shaped plaster segments.

When initially assembled together the segments create a closed circle, resembling a cake sliced into eleven even pieces.

Every wedge is then cut with a bandsaw on a unique angle, each different to the others.
When reassembled each face now intersects at a different angle to the adjacent wedge creating an irregular, asymmetric inner cavity where the Segment shade is slip-cast in ceramic. Each casting inherits the texture of the bandsaw cuts on the wedge faces.

A batch of shades is cast from this arrangement of wedges, then the eleven segments are rearranged, creating a new unique cavity for casting a new different shaped shade.

Every time the wedges are rearranged a new batch of different shaped Segment shades can be cast.